We should wait for the next two years…Florian Wirtz’s agent makes an interesting statement about his future

We should wait for the next two years...Florian Wirtz's agent makes an interesting statement about his future Transfers

Since his teenage years, 20-year-old midfielder Florian Wirtz has shown his talent in the Bundesliga. After overcoming a serious injury with a torn cruciate ligament, he has been the mainstay of the team this season, making 32 appearances, scoring 8 goals and providing 17 assists, an impressive number.

Bayer Leverkusen, led by Xabi Alonso, continues to perform well and is unbeaten in the domestic league. They are 10 points ahead of the absolute champions, Bayern Munich, and continue to fight as one team to win the Meisterschalle.

Liverpool and Bayern are interested in the young Spanish coach who is in charge of the phenomenally strong club, and a battle is underway to attract him. Along with the manager, a battle for the German midfielder is also likely to break out, with Anfield being mentioned as a possible new location.

However, the player’s father and agent, Hans-Joachim Wirtz, has made a remarkable statement about his son’s future. He said that he respects his son’s contract with Leverkusen and that any club looking to sign him should wait at least two years.

“Florian has a contract in Leverkusen until 2027,”

“That will also roughly be the amount of time he will spend in Leverkusen.”

“There is no answer to what happens when. We should wait for the next two years and then we will see where the path leads.”

Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger

Nevertheless, the transfer market is unpredictable.And with the departure of the Spanish coach, who is likely to bring a new outlook to Leverkusen, the 20-year-old midfielder may be looking for a new career.

Furthermore, the implied statement that there is no answer as to when it will happen is also worrisome.

Financially, it is difficult for his club to keep the talented German midfielder, and it will be interesting to see what happens when the mega clubs set their sights on him in earnest.