It’s similar to what I did…Former Liverpool forward Fernando Torres compares himself to Trent Alexander-Arnold

It's similar to what I did...Former Liverpool forward Fernando Torres compares himself to Trent Alexander-Arnold Uncategorized

Born in Liverpool, he has been established in the first team since his teenage years via the academy. He has brought a new style to the right back position, scoring a number of impressive goals and assists, and has contributed to winning the Premier League and Champions League.

Local supporters are loving the arrival of a local player who has reached the world level for the first time since Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. He is also developing a new career as a midfielder and is steadily progressing to the next level.

Former Liverpool forward Fernando Torres paid tribute to the 25-year-old defender, who is also a regular in the England national team. 

The Spanish striker, who scored many goals in his career with his outstanding determination, said that his circumstances were similar to those of his days at Atletico Madrid.

“I think Trent is a special player for the supporters, also for me as a former player,”

“It’s really nice to see young players develop the way they are doing and become one of the main players in the first team.”

“I’m sure Liverpool fans love him because he’s one of them and he’s playing on the field at the level he’s doing. It’s similar to what I did in Atletico – from the stands to the pitch and I always felt I was special for the fans.”

“I’m sure Trent is feeling exactly the same. He’s a Scouser playing for the first team and being important, one of the main players. For all of us, he’s a special guy. I managed to get his shirt and I like to put it on to do some training.”

“I always think it would be so nice to be able to play with him and receive these kind of crosses he does,”

“It would be a pleasure to play in the same team as Trent and be ready to head those crosses. I think it could be a good connection.”