Other referees would have given it… Jeremy Doku reveals his thoughts on the incident happened against Liverpool

Other referees would have given it... Jeremy Doku reveals his thoughts on the incident happened against Liverpool Match

Liverpool’s first goal against Tottenham Hotspur in the first half of the season was cancelled out due to an erroneous offside decision.

Liverpool has also had a poor season in terms of judging, with Alexis Mac Allister receiving a red card for a minor foul.

There was another questionable decision at the end of the match against Manchester City at Anfield.

After a corner kick, Mac Allister ran onto the ball, and as he attempted to clear the ball, Jeremy Doku’s high foot went into his chest, but the penalty kick was saved because he had touched the ball first.

However, the fact that his foot was raised too high and kicked into his chest with the sole of his foot was obvious. It was an unbelievable decision from the Liverpool supporters.

In a similar match, Curtis Jones was sent off with a single red for touching his ankle in the process, even though he touched the ball first, which sparked further inequality.

Jeremy Doku, the Belgian international who was involved in that match, confessed his feelings at the time.

While admitting that it was a risky challenge, he made his view clear that it was not a penalty kick. On the other hand, he said that another referee could have ruled it a penalty kick.

“Of course I agree [with the decision]. It was a risky challenge. I could have dealt with it differently. I still believe it wasn’t a penalty but I know some other referees would have given it. It wasn’t a penalty so I was happy.”

“Was I worried? For a moment when they were looking at the VAR and maybe looking for a penalty. For me it wasn’t a penalty, but I understand why some people are angry and why the Liverpool fans believe it was a penalty.”

Although they were responsible for continually missing the deciding goal, there is no doubt that it was a disappointing result, as the game was enough to give up the top spot in the Premier League to Arsenal.

Nevertheless, it is also an undeniable fact that the matchup between Liverpool and Manchester City, which gets more intense every time, was an interesting one.

Liverpool is not in the best of form, with a number of injuries and unfortunate decisions, but they are showing their resilience.

We look forward to the end of the season, when the injured will gradually return, to see if Jurgen Klopp’s last season in charge can present him with a view of the top of the English table.