Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo…Liverpool defender reveals what Senegalese international Sadio Mane is capable of

Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo...Liverpool defender reveals what Senegalese international Sadio Mane is capable of Uncategorized

As vice-captain this season, Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold is expected to not only follow his seniors as in the past, but also to lead the team mentally.

Even in games where he is unable to play due to injury, I have the impression that he shakes hands with the players after the game more often than not.

When the young England defender was grabbing a place in the first team, the front three was rampant.

On the right wing, Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian international with a threatening scoring touch, and Roberto Firmino, the former Brazilian international, who played a lubricating role at centre-forward with his deft technique and passing sense, reigned supreme.

And from the left wing, Senegalese international Sadio Mane continued to close down on goal with his outstanding physicality and decisiveness.

The Liverpool-born side-back drew comparisons with Cristiano Ronaldo and praised the former Southampton winger’s superior ability.

“He’s the one player I thought ‘I’m glad I never have to play against him.’ He was the perfect attacker, he had everything.”

”Probably similar to Ronaldo. He could jump, he was fast, he could finish, he was just a threat at all times.”

The Overlap

He joined Bayern Munich after leaving Liverpool, but left the team after just one year after failing to fit in with his surroundings. He sought a new home in Saudi Arabia, where he continued to lead the attack alongside Ronaldo and Portuguese midfielder Otavio, scoring double-digit goals in the Saudi Pro League.

Unlike his time in Germany, the former Liverpool forward is a regular performer, but can he find further success in Saudi Arabia, where he continues to invest…?