A string of injuries at Liverpool is a thing of the past… Naby Keita is confident in the success at  Bremen

A string of injuries at Liverpool is a thing of the past... Naby Keita is confident in the success at Bremen Uncategorized

Guinean midfielder Naby Keita has made a successful transition from Red Bull Salzburg to RB Leipzig, where he has also been successful in the Bundesliga. His performances earned him a place at Liverpool in 2018 in exchange for a hefty transfer fee.

However, his playing time at Anfield was limited due to repeated injuries. He kept getting injured when his condition improved, turning him into an incalculable player and being listed as one of the worst signings under Klopp’s regime.

After his contract with Liverpool expired at the end of last season, the Guinean midfielder decided to join Werder Bremen instead of RB Leipzig, and he is confident that his injury-plagued days are behind him at his new club.

“The injuries are behind me and I’m concentrating on my new team and not on what’s in the past,”

“I’m ready for the new task and I think we can have a good Bundesliga season together.”

“I understand that many people are wondering why I am making the move from Liverpool FC to Werder Bremen,”

“When I spoke to the coach and the sporting director, they told me about the club’s project.”

“After that, I thought about it a lot, with my family too. In the end, I had to make a decision and I chose Werder Bremen. I am very happy with this decision and will give everything to the team in the coming season.”

“Before, I was on the other side, now I’m part of Werder Bremen. I don’t like to talk about myself that much. I’m sure there will be some who don’t give Werder a lot of credit, but I’m looking forward to the task ahead.”

“I’ve watched videos of Werder and think that if I can bring my quality to the team, we will be successful next season. I firmly believe in the capabilities of this team.”

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