English journalist recommends Benfica midfielder Florentino Luís as Fabinho’s successor

English journalist recommends Benfica midfielder Florentino Luís as Fabinho's successor Transfers

Brazilian midfielder Fabinho is on the verge of a move to Saudi Arabia. With the departure of hunter, who has been hunting for the ball at the bottom of midfield since joining from Monaco, Liverpool must once again focus on acquiring a midfielder.

Southampton midfielder Romeo Lavia remains the top target, while Sofian Amrabat (Fiorentina), Ryan Gravenberc (Bayern Munich), and Calvin Phillips (Manchester City) are also on the list. 

Neil Jones, an English journalist, argues that Benfica midfielder Florentino Luís is the one to watch if you prefer a player with a similar style of play to Fabinho, although there are not even any moves at the moment.

“A name I would urge you to look out for is Florentino Luis who plays for Benfica. I think he’s one who could come into contention. He’s a very Fabinho-type player, defensive midfielder, gets about the pitch, gets his foot in. If Liverpool are looking for a like for like replacement, then they could do a lot worse than look at Luis,”

“So, just keep an eye on that name. I’ve not heard of anything moving on that one right now but it’s certainly one I’d keep in mind.”

He has played a total of 86 games for Benfica and has started 12 games in the Champions League. His experience is impeccable, and his age of 23 is also attractive. However, considering that he has a contract until 2027 and is a regular player, he will need to be offered a very high price.

Based on the asking price, experience, and age, it is understandable that the 19-year-old midfielder from Belgium would be the first choice. He has one season of experience in the Premier League and has more advantages than Florentino Ruiz.

Amrabat has had a great deal of success with the Moroccan national team, but it is unknown how well he will fare in front-pressing soccer, and it is unlikely that his club will transfer Phillips to a rival team. Gravenberch is being evaluated for his potential at Bayern, and is likely to stay in Germany next season.

Will the former Portugal U-21 midfielder have a future at Anfield?