Jurgen Klopp talks directly to Levi Colwill as Chelsea is angry at Brighton and Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp talks directly to Levi Colwill as Chelsea is angry at Brighton and Liverpool Transfers

In addition to revamping the midfielders, a high priority for Liverpool is to secure a left-handed center back. A defender of the type not found in the current squad, including a generational change from Joel Matip and Virgil van Dijk, is a talent that the club would like to have at its disposal.

With European center backs rumored to be linked to Liverpool, Chelsea defender Levi Colwill, who played for Brighton last season, is said to be the top target and has not given up on acquiring him this summer.

Chelsea has made it clear that they have no intention of selling, but Brighton made an offer for him as the transfer window opened, and he is highly regarded within the club. 

Liverpool have not made an offer, but are attempting to make contact with the player’s side and are getting closer to the England U-21 defender, who is concerned about his chances of playing.

According to Felix Johnston, who has been providing information on Chelsea, reveals Chelsea is even angry at both clubs for making a move for the 20-year-old center back, despite the fact that he emphasizes that he is not for sale.

“Further to this, Jürgen Klopp has held a phone call with Colwill directly.”

“Chelsea are extremely angered by Brighton & Liverpool’s persistence, as they have said many times directly that Levi is not for sale.”

“Chelsea are contemplating reporting Liverpool to the FA.”

Even if he does not leave this summer, the key point of interest is whether or not he will renew his contract until 2025. With less than a year remaining next summer, Chelsea is eager to sign a new contract, but it is unlikely to be renewed unless regular playing time is secured.

England midfielder Mason Mount, who has also grown up at Chelsea since he was a child, has refused to renew his contract and moved to Manchester United because he is fed up with the ownership team.

The transfer saga surrounding Levi Colwill may continue to be the focus of attention not only this summer, but also next summer and beyond.