Liverpool midfielder Fabio Carvalho reveals why he failed at Anfield

Liverpool midfielder Fabio Carvalho reveals why he failed at Anfield Loan Transfers

Portuguese U-21 midfielder Fabio Carvalho was a key player in Fulham’s championship-winning season a year ago. He showed high expectations in the early part of the season at Anfield, but spent more and more time off the bench in the second half of the season.

With the addition of a midfielder, he is expected to continue warming the bench next season, and RB Leipzig is planning to sign him on a permanent transfer. However, Liverpool, who have high hopes for the player’s future, did not agree to let him leave the club and settled for a one-year loan.

Carvalho, who has vowed to make a breakthrough in the Bundesliga, revealed that the reason for his lack of success at Liverpool was the position he was being used in, and said he did not discuss playing for RB Leipzig with coach Klopp.

“I feel like why it didn’t work out at Liverpool was because of the position I was playing,”

“I was playing on the left, which isn’t really my position. I was told that I would play as a no.10, but we didn’t really play with a no.10 last year. When we play with a no.10, then I can get on my prominent side, and I am able to turn. That’s why I would say it didn’t work out, and whether I will be here or at Liverpool next year, we will have to see how it works out.”

“I don’t really speak to him, to be fair,”

“He didn’t really give me any advice. I just had to learn as I go, and I feel that is better for me to mature anyway. Both as a person and a footballer.”