Klopp’s suggestion rejected… Alexis Mac Allister Reveals What “Nickname” he wants to be called

Klopp's suggestion rejected... Alexis Mac Allister Reveals What "Nickname" he wants to be called Team

Alexis Mac Allister was a mainstay in Brighton’s midfield until last season, contributing greatly to the club’s sixth-place finish in the Premier League. While mega clubs such as Manchester City were rumored as his new home, he joined Liverpool in the summer transfer window.

The midfielder, who can play a variety of roles in midfield, is expected to be the mainstay of the midfield renewal after the mainstays of the team have left. 

In the midst of preseason, he has been gradually improving his coordination with others in training camps and friendly matches, and has been performing reasonably well.

Although spelled differently, Jurgen Klopp suggested the nickname “Gary” in reference to the Scottish midfielder Gary McAllister, who used to play for Liverpool, but the former Brighton midfielder rejected the suggestion and revealed that he prefers “Macca.”

“I’m sorry, Gary!”

“I don’t have anything against him but I prefer ‘Macca’.

“I know the people who have ‘Mac’ in their surname are called like this in the UK. I think it’s the first time but, to be honest, I like it.”

With Liverpool losing more midfielders than anticipated before the transfer window opened, expectations for the Argentine midfielder have only increased. 

He has a good track record in the Premier League, and there are high expectations for him to be paired with another new midfielder, Dominik Szoboszlai.

Gary McAllister came to Anfield at an older age as a soccer player, having played only two seasons on the active roster. Will Alexis Mac Allister, who also has the same “Mac”, be good enough to become a Liverpool legend beyond two seasons…?