Liverpool may sign Romeo Lavia for less than £50 million…Journalist reveals

Liverpool may sign Romeo Lavia for less than £50 million...Journalist reveals Transfers

After losing Jordan Henderson and Fabinho, Liverpool is on the hunt for a defensive midfielder who can handle the bottom of midfield. 

While the club has been linked to a wide variety of players, not only in the Premier League, they have narrowed their sights on Romeo Lavia, a 19-year-old midfielder from Southampton.

Liverpool has presented two offers to Southampton, both of which have been rejected. Although the club is reportedly demanding £50 million, GiveMeSport’s Dean Jones says that he would be willing to move for less than £50 million as long as £40 million is guaranteed.

“They have gone back in with an improved offer. My understanding is that Saints want a guarantee of £40m and then add-ons. People will say ‘hang on, that’s not right everything I’m reading says £50m and upwards.’ That’s true too because they have a public stance and a public indication, that is fine, that often happens, they need to get as much money as they can for this player, but from conversations I’ve had with people I think he will go for under £50m still. We all have different sources and different understandings of the situation,”

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The second offer from Liverpool totaled £42 million The details of the offer have not been disclosed, but if the £2 million was an add-on, negotiations could have been concluded as is. Chelsea and Manchester United are also interested, and it is unlikely that they will lower their demands.

Although relegated to the Championship, he is 19 years old and has a promising future, and Southampton is not willing to let him go cheaply. On the other hand, Manchester City has a buy-back clause of £40 million  next summer, and Liverpool is believed to be referring to that amount.

Liverpool is on the offensive, but will they be able to get their hands on their first choice midfielder…?