“We have to talk to the authorities.”  – What Klopp had to say about the red card against Mac Allister

"We have to talk to the authorities." - What Klopp had to say about the red card against Mac Allister Match

The opening day of the Premier League season saw the team travel to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea. Both teams played to a painful draw, with a goal cancelled out due to offsides. With “1” point in hand, Liverpool prepared for their home opener at Anfield.

The game against Bournemouth started out with a goal early on, but Liverpool rallied and dominated the ball. After that, Liverpool rallied and controlled the ball, and in the 27th minute, Luis Diaz equalized with a technical goal, and in the 36th minute, Mohamed Salah pushed the ball home from a missed penalty to complete the comeback.

In the 62nd minute, Diogo Jota also scored, along with the rest of the forwards who started the game, and the result was a comfortable victory. 

However, in the 58th minute, a problematic situation arose. Alexis Mac Allister approached with his feet slightly raised in an attempt to win the ball, and despite insufficient momentum and height, he was sent off with a one-shot red card, probably due to contact.

The inexplicable decision was something that Jurgen Klopp insisted they needed to discuss once again and complained about the referee’s decision that could have changed the course of the match, saying that a yellow card was a reasonable decision.

“Yes, I saw it back. I think the amount of times I got asked about it [by the media] shows already it is worth discussing it again, which we will probably do. I saw it back now, in the game I couldn’t… I asked Macca and he said, ‘I touched him but not really.’ That was all he told me.”

“After the game I saw it back now and I think if you have a list of points of what you need to give a red card, I think the majority – besides contact – nothing else, no other boxes ticked in that moment. I think it is a decision we all agree if he gives a yellow card the VAR would not overturn it. He gave a red card and the VAR is not overturning it because the contact means there is no clear and obvious [error]. “

“Mistake, but I think the punishment [of] 40 minutes with 10 men in that weather today is already punishment enough, but let’s see. I don’t know. We have to talk to the authorities.”