Glad they didn’t spend £100m+ on Caicedo…Liverpool alumnus argues that it should be spent on a game-changer

Glad they didn’t spend £100m+ on Caicedo...Liverpool alumnus argues that it should be spent on a game-changer Transfers

Liverpool’s Brazilian midfielder Fabinho, who had been winning the ball for the opposition on numerous occasions at the bottom of midfield until last season, has left for Saudi Arabia. 

Jordan Henderson, who can play the same position, also left the team, and the team has been in pursuit of a defensive midfielder.

The club eventually settled the matter by acquiring Japanese midfielder Wataru Endo, but in the meantime, an epic battle with Chelsea developed. 

Despite originally coming close to acquiring Belgian midfielder Romeo Lavia, they offered the highest price in Premier League history for Ecuadorian midfielder Moises Caicedo, and at one point reached an inter-club agreement with Brighton as well.

However, Caicedo’s mind was made up and he refused to join Liverpool. He then went back to Lavia, but due to disloyalty, both players agreed to move to Chelsea. 

Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy consequently insisted that he was glad he had not spent the big money to acquire the former Brighton midfielder.

“I’m actually glad they didn’t spend £100m+ on Caicedo.”

“Not because I don’t like him, just because I think that’s too big an amount to spend on a defensive player. I think that amount of money should be saved for the game-changers.”

“I know he might go on to do wonderful things, I’m not doubting it. But, I think it’s too much.”

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The Ecuadorian midfielder, whose role in midfield is more of a back-up to stop opposing attacks, may not be required to score or assist, but he is not that expensive, and in a sport where he is regarded as an offensive player, it is no wonder that he is considered too expensive.

In fact, it is clearly overvalued. However, if one considers that one can expect consistent performance for the next 10 years, the cost per year may not be that high. Also, defensive players should get higher salaries.

Whether Liverpool or Chelsea will regret it depends on how well the player performs in the future. 

Will Moises Caicedo really shine at Stamford Bridge…?