I was shocked…The former West Germany midfielder reveals his feeling about Wataru Endo’s transfer to Liverpool

I was shocked...The former West Germany midfielder reveals his feeling about Wataru Endo's transfer to Liverpool Uncategorized

With Fabinho and Jordan Henderson leaving for Saudi Arabia, Liverpool needed to acquire a defensive midfielder, and after some twists and turns, they ended up acquiring Japanese midfielder Wataru Endo, who had been with Stuttgart.

Nobody in the media had ever thought that Endo would join Liverpool because of his age (30), but former West Germany midfielder Hansi Muller, who played over 100 games for Stuttgart during his playing days, expressed his shock at the news.

“I was shocked when I heard that Endo was leaving VfB,”

“He was the heart and soul of the team, unfortunately he cannot be replaced one-to-one because he is simply a complete player.”

“If a player expresses the desire to fulfil his dream with England, then you can’t keep him by force. He would then have his head somewhere else and that goes wrong.”

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He made his debut against Bournemouth when the team was down to 10 men, which was not the way he would have liked to be used, but he responded to the call-up with a performance backed up by experience. 

He looked like a player who could make an impact once he gets used to the team’s tactics and the Premier League.

What kind of career will the captain of Japan, who was described as a complete player by the best midfielder of the West Germany national team, have at Anfield?