We have to adapt…Liverpool defender Joel Matip talks about his feeling about the “new system”

We have to adapt...Liverpool defender Joel Matip talks about his feeling about the "new system" Team

Liverpool was not in good form early last season and at one point was in jeopardy of qualifying for European competition. Toward the second half of the season, the team gave Trent Alexander-Arnold a new role and adopted a new tactic of playing as a false sideback, repositioning him in midfield when attacking and playing three at the back.

The team improved and eventually finished 5th in the Premier League and qualified for the Europa League. One of the standout performances of the new system was the unbeatable performance of French defender Ibrahima Konate. He has filled the vast space on the right flank and has been able to cope well with the disadvantageous number of players.

This has been fueled by 32-year-old defender Joel Matip. A highly consistent performer, he had recently grabbed a regular spot, but his age has made it difficult for him to cover as well as the Frenchman, and his play has not been the best when he has taken his place.

The former Schalke defender also talks about the fact that he has yet to adapt, but is confident that he will get better throughout the new season.

“It is obviously a different kind of situation for me now and I need to adapt. I think it will get better and better in the season,”

“For sure I have to think of different things on the pitch because the right-back will not be there in the first moment. We need to adapt, but at the same time we have got some more players and some new players in the midfield.”

“There are always some pros and cons but there is no perfect system. It’s how we live the system we are playing and I feel confident of our system.”


His contract with Liverpool runs through June 2024, and he is likely to leave next summer on a free transfer.

Can the veteran defender, who has helped win various titles since joining the club in 2016, finish on a high note and make a remarkable impact?