Darwin Nunez learns to “go through the motions” of the criticism on social media

Darwin Nunez learns to "go through the motions" of the criticism on social media Career

Last summer, Liverpool spent big money in the transfer market to acquire Uruguayan international Darwin Nunez, who had been a prolific goalscorer for Benfica. 

He was expected to replace Senegalese international Sadio Mane, who left the club shortly after the latter’s departure, but he failed to make an impact.

In the Premier League, he failed to reach double-digit scoring, and even missed one-on-one with the goalkeeper on many occasions. Contrary to high expectations, the striker’s inability to score goals drew criticism on social media, where anyone can post whatever they want.

The 24-year-old forward, who used to watch social media a lot, revealed that he used to feel depressed by it. Now that he does not look at social media as much, he says he has developed a tolerance for baseless criticism and feels more at ease.

“What happens is that a lot of people don’t see the effort the players make,”

“It’s easy to be behind a screen and criticise, you know? But, as I always say, I used to live on social media, I used to watch a lot of things, and that made me feel bad.”

“Now, you can see what’s happening. They say they keep criticising me because I don’t see anything.”

“I work in silence and hard as I’m always doing. Things are working for me. They can say whatever they want about me, and my head is fine.”


Criticism on social media is common, not only for athletes, but also for people in professions that perform in front of others. Not all of them take into account the efforts and lives behind the scenes, and some of the posts can be very vicious.

In addition to cheering or booing on the pitch, today’s world makes it difficult to be successful if you are not tolerant of online criticism. 

Darwin Nunez, no longer influenced by the voices of people he knows nothing about, will show his true potential in his second season.