The goal against Newcastle was a result of Bielsa’s teachings? Darwin Nunez reveals his conversation with him

The goal against Newcastle was a result of Bielsa's teachings? Darwin Nunez reveals his conversation with himCareer

Uruguayan international Darwin Nunez joined Liverpool from Benfica in last summer’s transfer window with a bang. In the end, he scored 15 goals in 42 games over the course of the season, a double-digit scoring total. His first season with Liverpool was not so bad.

However, there were a few occasions when he failed to make a one-on-one with the goalkeeper, and if he had scored even half of those goals, Liverpool might have finished fourth in the Premier League. 

The poor goal-scoring rate was criticized by the media and supporters alike, and it was not smooth sailing for Liverpool.

During that time, he had a conversation with Marcelo Bielsa, the famed coach who took over the Uruguayan national team in May of this year, over the zoom, and it seems that he received advice on how to play the game.

“Some things he thinks can be better. He corrects me,”

“For example, there is a play where the whole [opposing] team is behind, then he tells not to run in front of the second central defender, but to run behind [him].”

“So the central defender loses the mark.”

“The truth is that it was a very good talk with him,”

“Many people already told me how he is and I thought he was a good guy, a serious guy.”

“Now it’s a new stage with the national team and I hope everything goes well for us because we want to give that joy again to all the people of Uruguay.”

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