Not a 3-month contract, just a trial period…Jörg Schmatke denies the short-term contract with Liverpool

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Michael Edwards left and Julian Ward, who was named as his replacement, announced his departure at the end of last season. 

Midway through the season it looked as if a replacement would be found, but nothing was decided until the end of the season. At the last minute, Jörg Schmatke, who had been head of reinforcement at Wolfsburg, was brought in as sporting director at the last minute.

His predecessor Julian Ward had been prepping the Alexis Mac Allister deal, but he was instrumental in the acquisition of RB Leipzig’s Dominik Szoboszlai and Stuttgart’s Wataru Endo, and should have been entrusted with the negotiations with Bayern over Ryan Gravenberch.

It has been reported that the contract between such a veteran SD and Liverpool is for three months, but he insists that it is only a trial period, so to speak, during which he will review his work and discuss it with everyone over the course of three months. However, there is a possibility that the contract will be a short one.

“A three-month contract? That’s not true,”

“We agreed on a year of co-operation and agreed to see what would happen after three months.”

“We sit down together, look each other in the eye and decide how to proceed.”

“Both sides are so sovereign and serious that the question is then answered – does it still make sense or not? It could be that we shake hands and part.”

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He also said that he had a detailed understanding of the job description before taking the job at Liverpool, and he revealed that he found it very easy to integrate into working with Jurgen Klopp, who is also German.

“I was aware of my position from the outset,”

“I knew the job description and went for it.”

“I accept and respect this British combination in general. And in the specific case with Jurgen Klopp as my superior, it’s even easier for me. The name Klopp stands for itself.”

“It is well known that things are a little different in England than in Germany. The coach, who is called the manager here, is the decision-maker and determiner.”

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