He doesn’t even tell me that I’m staying… Klopp is confident that Mohamed Salah will remain

Al Ittihad reignites interest in Mohamed Salah...he may reunion with Fabinho Transfers

Liverpool lost two of its main players when Jordan Henderson Fabinho was stolen by a Middle Eastern club. The Saudis have signed many other famous players, and as the last piece of the puzzle, they are hot on the heels of Egypt’s Mohamed Salah.

If it were earlier in the season, it would be obvious, but now that the transfer market has tightened and no one is available, it is not even possible to negotiate any kind of high transfer fee.

Liverpool have no intention of letting him go, and Jurgen Klopp, who has denied selling him throughout, reiterated in an interview after the Aston Villa game that it is not even a topic of discussion within the team.

“He didn’t tell me, but he didn’t have to,”

“He speaks with his training and performances and behaviour.”

“We had meetings this week, and the meetings were not about what we did in the past, it was about what we will do in the future. Mo was with the players’ (leadership) committee and had his moments where he was talking and it was nothing like ‘by the way, this is only until next week’ or whatever.

“He is completely here and if Dom said that, fine. Mo doesn’t have to come into my office and tell me ‘by the way, boss (I’m not going)’. For me it wasn’t a subject for one second, to be honest, besides the questions (from the outside).”