Thiago Alcántara’s father wants his son to pkay for Celta de Vigo after leaving Liverpool

Thiago Alcántara's father wants his son to pkay for Celta de Vigo after leaving Liverpool Transfers

He grew up in Barcelona’s youth system and was a mainstay at Bayern Munich from 2013. After winning numerous titles, including the Champions League, he decided to move to Liverpool in 2020 in search of a new challenge.

Although he has not been able to play the entire season at Anfield due to injury, he has invigorated the team with his unique and game-changing passing in the games he has played. 

His timing in pressing is precise, and he also contributes to winning the ball from the front line. This season, he is expected to show leadership in a team with fewer veterans.

The 32-year-old former Spanish midfielder has a contract with Liverpool until the summer of 2024. His departure will be closely watched as he is likely to leave the club on a free transfer next summer. 

The player’s father, former Brazilian midfielder Mazinho, is hoping that he will move to Celta de Vigo, where he and his family spent a lot of time together.

“In football, you never know, I hope so but at the moment it is very complicated because Thiago has another dimension and another lifestyle. But I wish Thiago could come here.”

“Almost all the memories I have from here are very good. Vigo is our home, Rafa has had the opportunity to come here later to play two seasons, for the whole family, Celta means our home.”

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The former Bayern midfielder received offers from Saudi Arabia during the summer transfer window and will likely receive another offer next year, so if salary is the only consideration, the only choice is to go to the Middle East. 

On the other hand, if the environment is his top priority, a return to Spain would be another option.

Which club will the 32-year-old midfielder, who has lived abroad for a long time, play for next season?