James Milner talks about the difference between Jurgen Klopp and Roberto de Zerbi

James Milner talks about the difference between Jurgen Klopp and Roberto de Zerbi Career

After leaving Liverpool, where he had been since 2015, former England midfielder James Milner has chosen Brighton as his new home. Since making his debut for Leeds United, Milner has been on the front line with Newcastle, Aston Villa, and Manchester City.

As a youngster, he had many opportunities to play as a left or right winger, and at Anfield he has operated not only in the midfield position but also as a left or right back, saving his team in a pinch with his flexibility. In addition, he has shown a high level of leadership as a mental pillar, and together with Jordan Henderson, he has supported the evergreen team.

At 37, Brighton may be his last club in the Premier League, but the midfielder’s willingness to learn shows no sign of diminishing as he turns 40. He mentioned the differences between Klopp and de Zerbi, but revealed that he is enjoying his new club.

“He’s fantastic, with great passion for the game. He pushes you every day and wants maximum concentration and effort. His attention to detail is massive. I’m enjoying it a lot.”

“I was excited to come to the club and get to know the manager. You never stop learning no matter where you are.”

“It’s a lot different to what I learned for a long time under Jurgen Klopp. I’m enjoying the challenge immensely. It’s exactly what I hoped it would be before I came.”

“I’m in the later stages of my career but I want to keep learning and improving my knowledge of the game and different ways of playing. I’m always learning and making myself a better player and a football man.”

“Whenever someone gets a chance to play, they will have to play very well to stay in the team. The squad is brimming with exciting talent. People are desperate to play, with good attitudes.”

“The club is run very well. You can see the signings we’ve made. I want to help wherever possible.”