Former Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana encouraged Levi Colwill to stay at Chelsea

Former Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana encouraged Levi Colwill to stay at Chelsea Transfers

In addition to revamping their midfielders, Liverpool were looking to acquire a left-handed center back. Chelsea defender Levi Colwill was the top priority target, with Mickey van de Ven, who moved to Tottenham Hotspur, and Gonzalo Inácio, who signed a new contract with Sporting, among the candidates.

Colwill spent last season on loan at Brighton, making 17 Premier League appearances. After gaining experience in the top flight, he was a member of the England U-21 national team this summer, helping them win the U-21 European Championship 2023. He has also made his mark on the international stage.

Liverpool contacted the player and began to persuade him to play at Anfield. He wanted to be treated as a regular and it seemed unfeasible for Chelsea, who also have many players on their final line, but new manager Mauricio Pochettino assured him of a starting place and the 20-year-old defender signed a long-term contract until 2029.

Behind the signing, there was former England midfielder Adam Lallana, who once worked with the Argentine manager at Southampton and later moved to Liverpool. 

He had been in conversation with a senior player who had fought with him as a teammate during his time at Brighton and had praised Pochettino’s ability to get the best out of him.

“I have had conversations with Adam,”

 “And he told me about how much of a good guy he (Pochettino) was and he thinks he is a really good manager and I took that on board when I was making my decision.”

“When I finally met him (Pochettino), I realised everything Adam said was true.”

The 20-year-old center back also analyzed his character and said that he needed someone like the former Liverpool midfielder to push him forward, and that he was lucky to spend time with the midfielder at Brighton.

“I am someone who is a chilled person and sometimes I need someone to give me a bit of a push.”

“And at first I did not really understand why he (Adam) was always on me.”

“But then once it clicked in my head, I realised that he was only trying to help me. I was happy and lucky to play alongside him and he definitely helped me.”