You just want to play and be of value… Cody Gakpo is positive about playing in a new position

You just want to play and be of value... Cody Gakpo is positive about playing in a new position Team

Dutch international Cody Gakpo joined Liverpool from PSV Eindhoven in the winter of 2023. At his former club, his playing style was characterized by cutting in from the left side of the field, mainly on the left wing, but at Anfield he was used more and more at center forward.

This season, he also played a few games as a midfielder when the club did not have enough midfielders due to injuries and other reasons, and when he had the ball, even though he was not used to it, he was involved in creating chances by propelling the ball forward with his propulsive dribbling.

The Dutch winger has been used in different positions from his main position, but he is positive about his current situation and says it fits his character. He also said that he is focusing on his development as a player, not on his position.

“My feeling is good, I can look back on a good preparation and start of the season, in which I played in different positions,”

“Of course, it can always be better, that’s how I am wired, but I felt good and I’m enjoying myself in Liverpool. I came halfway through the season and there’s a lot to think about. Everyone at the club helped me a lot, including Virgil van Dijk who showed me the ropes, and I am very grateful to him for that.”

“In the beginning it always takes some getting used to when you are in a different position, but then it is also important to pick it up quickly and show that I am versatile as a player. You just want to play and be of value, it doesn’t matter where.”

“The trainer (Klopp) sees me as an attacker, but I can also bring those attacking impulses from midfield. That’s the reason I also make minutes there. We also play very dynamically, so that we have the space to change positions. This often happens naturally.”

“Developing myself in several areas also suits me as a person. That’s how I am, and that also applies to my development on the field. That also reflects on how I am as a player, that it is important for me to become a more complete player.”

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