Listening is better… Liverpool winger Luis Diaz shares how well he is learning English

Listening is better... Liverpool winger Luis Diaz shares how well he is learning English Team

Born in Barrancas, Colombia, 26-year-old Luis Diaz came to Portugal in 2019 after a stint with Juniors FC. His achievements at Porto earned him a move to Liverpool after a competitive battle with Tottenham Hotspur and other clubs.

The dribbler, who has made an immediate impact on the pitch immediately after joining the club and is the reigning left-side winger, is working hard to improve his English to make life easier in UK and to work better together in terms of play.

The player said his listening has improved, while revealing that he is working on many English lessons at home.

“Yeah, it’s good, my English is much better. I’m trying to have plenty of classes now at home and my level of understanding when listening is better, but speaking it is a little bit more difficult. But yeah, much better. It’s very hard, I’m not going to lie, but it really is going better and I’ve improved in that sense.”

In Liverpool, where more and more players speak Spanish, it is also true that you can spend time without speaking English. However, in order to discuss things with other players, not to mention manager Jurgen Klopp, it is essential to speak English.

It is no wonder that it takes time, as he is learning English from not being able to speak it at all. 

Darwin Nunez, who joined Liverpool in the transfer market last summer, is also not fluent in English, but they are both learning together, and we expect to see more results from their lessons, such as interviews in English in the future.