“He’s the perfect goalie” – The former Liverpool GK is a great admirer of Anfield guardian Alisson Becker

"He’s the perfect goalie" - The former Liverpool GK is a great admirer of Anfield guardian Alisson BeckerTeam

Alisson Becker, a Brazilian goalkeeper who has proven himself at Internacional and AS Roma, was welcomed to Liverpool in 2018 as part of a shaky defensive revamp.

In addition to his consistent goalkeeping, which sets him apart from the likes of Simon Mignolet, he has contributed to a number of titles by taking part in the build-up with his leaps and deft skills with his feet.

The 30-year-old goalkeeper, who has also been a defender for the Brazilian national team and has developed into one of the top five goalkeepers in the world, has performed as well as ever this season and continues to show his true value in games where he has to play with 10 men.

Club alumni have been equally impressed with the way he has played, with former Hungarian goalkeeper Adam Bogdan, who joined Liverpool in 2015 but spent most of his time on loan, praising him as a perfect keeper with all his abilities.

“You see, it’s hard for me because I haven’t trained with him, but, for me, he seems to be more like a supernatural goalkeeper.”

“He has an unbelievable talent, ability-wise when he has to. He must be close to 100kgs, but he has the legs for it, he has so much power, he’s so brave, his positioning is excellent, he’s the perfect goalie for me.”

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