Struggled to regain confidence lost in Liverpool move…Luis Alberto reveals his struggles in Italy

Struggled to regain confidence lost in Liverpool move...Luis Alberto reveals his struggles in Italy Uncategorized

Spanish midfielder Luis Alberto earned a move to Liverpool in 2013 for his potential that attracted him to Barcelona B and Sevilla. In his first season with the club, he made 12 appearances but failed to make an impact and spent the next two seasons on loan at Malaga and Deportivo, respectively.

After failing to make an impact at Anfield, the player made the move to Lazio in the summer of 2016 in order to turn his career around. He has adapted to Serie A with great success and has been a mainstay of the team, scoring 49 goals and 69 assists in 267 games so far.

The soon-to-be 31-year-old midfielder has secured a place in the starting lineup this season, playing 90 minutes in all four matches. However, he revealed the fact that he lacked confidence when he moved from Liverpool, and he also shared the fact that it took him a long time to adjust to his new life in Italy.

“I had a very bad time the first five months, especially because I arrived on the last day. I came from Liverpool, from being practically training during the preseason just because I knew I had to go out. I didn’t come in fit, so it cost me a little more. Afterwards, Italy was very different from what I was used to after coming from Deportivo de La Coruna. It cost me everything, mentally especially.”

“In the end I put myself in the hands of a person who has helped me above all to work on my head, because that was the only problem I had, and in a matter of months it started to go differently, especially in training. , and I finished the year playing the last games and starting in the Super Cup. And from there, everything was a bed of roses as they say.”

“Believing a little more in myself and that I had the football I had since I was little, in realising that I had it and still had it, it was just a matter of working at it and having confidence in yourself.”


His combination with Italian international Ciro Immobile is excellent, sprinkling various essences into the attack. His physical weakness has long been pointed out in England, but Italy, with its less collision-prone atmosphere, suits his style of play.

The former Liverpool midfielder, who was also rumored to be of interest from Saudi Arabia this summer, has decided to stay at Lazio and will continue to swing the offensive baton in Italy.