I’d say Liverpool aren’t contenders… Liverpool alumni expecting Darwin Nunez to play a big role

I'd say Liverpool aren't contenders... Liverpool alumni expecting Darwin Nunez to play a big role Team

Last season, in addition to the poor performance of the main group, Liverpool’s midfielders weakened the intensity of their pressing due to the aging of their midfielders. As a result, they were easily caught behind the final line and conceded a number of goals.

After missing out on the Champions League despite a comeback in the second half of the season, Liverpool embarked on a generational change in midfield.

With the development of young players, the team was ready to compete for a full season. Although they have concerns about the strength of their center backs and right backs, their front and midfield lineup is one of the best in the Premier League.

Liverpool is vowing to turn things around this season and enter the title race, and former German midfielder Dietmar Hamann, who also played at Anfield during his playing days, said that Manchester City is the team to beat.

But he also mentioned Darwin Nunez’s name, hoping that the Uruguayan striker will play an important role in the team’s success.

“I’d have to rule out a serious title bid. Things can change quickly, but I’d like to see a bit more from this Liverpool side,”

“Things might look good on paper, but a lot of Liverpool’s struggles come from being unable to break teams down.”

“When teams put 10 men behind the ball at Anfield, Liverpool have tended to struggle. I think this is where Nunez comes in – look at what he did at Newcastle. Liverpool have a lot of options, but I think this season could be his.”

“Overall, though, I’d say Liverpool aren’t contenders. City remain the benchmark.”