With these absolute top conditions…Liverpool defender Joel Matip talks about his “comfort” at Anfield

With these absolute top conditions...Liverpool defender Joel Matip talks about his "comfort" at Anfield Career

Born in Bochum, Germany, Joel Matip, a tall defender who made his first-team debut for Schalke, developed his reputation in the Bundesliga and joined Liverpool on a free transfer in 2016, when his contract expired.

The former Schalke defender, now classified in the old group, has played close to “200” games for Anfield, scoring 11 goals despite being a center back, and is a threat from corner kicks while also being a steady defender. He continues to support the team from behind.

His contract with Liverpool is coming to an end in June 2024. The club is looking for a new center back, and he is likely to leave the club next summer. Still, the player spoke of his attachment to Liverpool, where he has spent time since his mid-20s, and the advantages of not changing clubs from one to another.

“Of course, Schalke was my youth club – as a Schalke fan it was an absolute honour to play there,”

“I had the opportunity to do that for a long time and here in Liverpool, with these absolute top conditions, you don’t just walk away.”

“In addition, I also feel incredibly comfortable here in my private life. I think it’s desirable not to change clubs all the time. But everyone has to decide for themselves. In any case, I find consistency helpful.”

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