Difficult to explain…Alexis Mac Allister describes what Anfield is all about

Difficult to explain...Alexis Mac Allister describes what Anfield is all about Stadium

Argentine midfielder Alexis Mac Allister left Brighton, where he has been since 2019, to join Liverpool.His too-cheap release clause has been the talk of the town, and he is a very cost-effective reinforcement to achieve a renewal of the midfielders’ squad.

He has plenty of experience in the Premier League and has played many games on the international stage, and he has shown his ability from the opening game against Chelsea.

He has already become an indispensable player in the midfield, where he has been used with precision and precision in a role that is not his main focus.

Although he also played at Anfield during his time at Brighton, the atmosphere at the stadium since he became a Liverpool player seems to be exceptional, and he encouraged everyone to visit Anfield when the opportunity arises.

“It’s incredible. Honestly, it is difficult to explain, but I invite all people, if one day they have the opportunity to go, to do it.

“As you say, that introduction, You’ll Never Walk Alone, is something very impactful.

“I’ve still only played twice, not more, it’s not much. But both times I wanted to take my time and I started to listen and look a little at all the fans and everything happening. It’s incredible. The truth is that I have enjoyed it a lot.

“Without doubt it’s an iconic stadium in football and I hope I can enjoy it for many years.”


On the other hand, the 24-year-old midfielder, who has also played for Boca Juniors, a team known for its passionate supporters in Argentina, when asked to compare the atmosphere at La Bombonera, their home stadium, said that “passion” is the common denominator for both.

“Yes, I think there is something similar between them and it is obviously the passion, with which the game is experienced,”

“Other than that, I think they are two quite different atmospheres due to the way we cheer on our team. In Argentina, we are very used to singing a lot, creating songs.”

“Maybe here in England they are not so used to it, maybe it is a little more the shouting and the emotion and how it carries the team forward. But without a doubt they are two very beautiful atmospheres. But I think there is a point of comparison and it is the passion with which football is lived and how they support the team.”