Former Liverpool midfielder Steve McManaman is confident that his former club is back on track from last season

Former Liverpool midfielder Steve McManaman is confident that his former club is back on track from last season Team

Last season, Liverpool failed to show their true form from the opening day of the season, conceding the first goal and then conceding many more. The average age of the midfielders has dropped dramatically, and Gegenpress is showing signs of a return to form.

Also, although many games this season have seen them concede a goal first, they have regained the form of their strong days when they would turn things around without conceding an additional goal, and although the season has only just begun, they continue to show performances that must be viewed with a sense of hope.

Former England midfielder Steve McManaman, who once played for Liverpool and Real Madrid, believes that his old club can be Manchester City’s biggest rival and predicts that they will fight for the title in the Premier League.

“They haven’t surprised me. I always thought that they would start the season well and they have done. Like most teams, you just need to remain injury free and I know that Liverpool have had a few injuries but it’s not been too bad and nothing compared to what it was like last year where they were decimated at the start of the season. “

“The five forwards in the team have all fitted in well and when you start three and bring the other two off the bench, then you’re getting instant rewards from everybody. All the substitutes are making an impact and I’ve been very impressed with how strongly Liverpool have started the season. “

“Newcastle United and Chelsea are going to be difficult away games for anybody, so to come away from those fixtures with four points is impressive. Aston Villa have also started the season relatively well, although they’re not doing so well away from home, and I believe that it was a really good sign from Liverpool to finish so strongly against West Ham on Sunday. They just look as if they’re going to score goals all the time. “

“I always said that I believed that Liverpool would be Manchester City’s closest challengers for the Premier League title and I wasn’t one of those people that believed they would struggle to finish in the top four. There were valid reasons for why Liverpool didn’t start last season strongly and it’s very similar to what Manchester United are currently experiencing. When you have five or six injuries to important players, then you’re going to struggle. Liverpool have had a few niggles here and there, but I’ve been very impressed by what I’ve seen of them so far and I did always believe that they would run Manchester City close this season.”