Liverpool appeals regarding the red card against Curtis Jones in the Tottenham game

Liverpool appeals regarding the red card against Curtis Jones in the Tottenham game Match

The worst refereeing in the history of the Premier League was the star of the match between Liverpool and Tottenham. The game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium continued to go back and forth, but an incident in the 26th minute changed things.

Curtis Jones, going for the ball, had his foot on the ball and was unable to do anything about it, and it went into the ankle of opposing midfielder Yves Bissouma, who also challenged for the ball.

Although it looks like a vicious foul if you only cut out the scene where the foot was on the ball, the video shows that it was an accident.

The referee initially showed a yellow card, but the video provided by VAR changed the decision to a red card. Liverpool, who had to play the remaining nearly 70 minutes with 10 men, were more upset than ever because of other terrible judgments.

According to The Athletic, Liverpool was not satisfied with the decision on the England U-21 midfielder, who would normally have been suspended for three games, and filed an appeal to have the suspension revoked.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said at the post-match press conference that the foul was not that bad at the speed of the game, referring to the current practice of judging decisions based on still pictures and slow motion alone, which omits normal speed.

“Probably everybody here in the room thinks it’s a clear red card, I see that different, just because I played football and most of you probably didn’t.”

“Full power on the ball, rolls over the ball, then hits the decisive part of the leg. When you see it in slow motion it looks horrendous. I think when you see it in real time it’s not even close to being that bad. Curtis didn’t do it not even close to being on purpose.”

“The game is in real time but we judge it in slow motion – that makes now not too much sense.”