The only outcome should be a replay… In response to the audio data, Jurgen Klopp gives his opinion

The only outcome should be a replay... In response to the audio data, Jurgen Klopp gives his opinion Match

Liverpool, who came into Tottenham’s home ground, suffered from a referee’s decision, which is one of the worst in history, and although they fought until the last minute, they conceded an own goal and lost all the points to the home team.

Controversial decisions were made on various occasions, including a red card for Curtis Jones, and Luis Diaz’s goal was cancelled out due to an elementary mistake.

Liverpool requested the disclosure of audio data from the day, highlighting the poor communication of the refereeing team, including the VAR officials.

In a formal statement, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp revealed his true intentions to reporters for the first time after the audio data was obtained.

He offered that it probably would not happen, and said that a rematch would be a reasonable solution in the case of an unprecedented event like this one.

“The audio didn’t change it at all,”

“Because I was not really interested in why things happened because I knew. I saw the outcome, I saw goal we scored and it didn’t count so I wasn’t now waiting for the audio and sitting there hoping I’d find out how it could happen or whatever.”

“Yes, it was an obvious mistake and I think there would have been solutions for it afterwards. If not, I can say immediately, and probably some people don’t want me to say it, not as the manager of Liverpool but much more as a football person, I think the only outcome should be a replay. That’s how it is. It probably will not happen.”

“The argument against that will probably be if you open that gate then everybody will ask for it. I think the situation is that unprecedented that – it didn’t happen before, I’m 56 years old and I’m 50 years in football and I’m absolutely used to, even if I don’t always deal well with it, wrong decisions, difficult decisions – but something like that as far as I can remember has never happened. That’s why I think the replay would be the right thing.”

“The next argument would be if it would happen again, I think a replay would be the right thing to do or the referee has the opportunity to bring both coaches together and say ‘sorry, we made a mistake, but we can sort it, that Liverpool score a goal and we start from there’.”

“In this specific game, what makes it a bit more special obviously is that we conceded two minutes after we scored a regular goal. How all things depend on each other, if the other goal would have counted, we would have started in the centre of the pitch and not where it started, it would have been different. That’s one thing. That’s my view on it.”