To win every competition…Luis Diaz reveals his goals for this season at Liverpool

To win every competition...Luis Diaz reveals his goals for this season at Liverpool Team

Colombian international Luis Diaz acclimated to Liverpool and the Premier League surprisingly quickly when he joined in the winter of 2022. 

At that time, he combined well with the front three and continued to create chances not only by breaking through alone from the left side, but also by linking up with others.

Last season, in addition to the team’s overall poor form, he left the team injured in October 2022. He spent most of the season off the bench, frustrated by the lack of results on the pitch.

He returned for the second half of the season, but his condition did not return to that level, and he was unable to show his true performance.

However, after a solid preseason and a return to top form, the 26-year-old winger has played well since the opening game of the season.

With three goals already this season and a steady scoring touch, the player looks back on his time at Liverpool so far and says he feels he has matured.

“The process and progression that I’ve been going through up to the present time is just incredible,”

“I’ve really learned a huge amount of things and I’m feeling that more and more all the time, not just in terms of my football but in my decision-making generally. Personally, I also feel in a really good place.”

“As for the future, I can see myself winning lots of trophies with this great club, starting with trying to win everything that is up for grabs this season. And doing exactly what I know best, which is playing football, scoring goals, making assists.”

“And feeling good on the pitch, feeling happy and enjoying it all, which is the main thing. I think I’ll carry on in the same way, with that same mentality of not getting carried away and keeping my feet on the ground, in the knowledge that the hard work I put in each day will keep improving me.”

“I will always try to be someone who is always there to help, not just for my teammates but for everyone in general.”

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On the other hand, the Colombian winger also touched on the team’s goals, saying that they have a big goal of winning every tournament they enter, and that they want to make the season go well so that everyone involved can feel happy.

“Our aims and objectives that are planned out this season are to try to win every competition that we enter. We want to put everything right from the season we’ve just had.”

“We had a great pre-season and had been preparing really well. So we have to set out to win everything we can this season because last year wasn’t so good by our standards. So as I say, it’s all about trying to win all the competitions on offer.”

“We want to try to win everything that is available to us during the season. Here’s hoping we can manage to win all the silverware that is up for grabs so we can make it a great season which makes everyone happy.”

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