Referees are human… Luis Diaz reacts for the first time to the goal cancelled against Tottenham

Referees are human... Luis Diaz reacts for the first time to the goal cancelled against Tottenham Match

The match between Tottenham and Liverpool caused quite a stir. While various decisions were questioned, the one that attracted the most attention was the first goal scored by the Colombian winger Luis Diaz. Despite the fact that it was a legitimate goal, with no offside, the goal was disallowed due to miscommunication by the refereeing team.

Immediately afterwards, combined with the fact that the first goal was scored by Tottenham, Liverpool’s anger did not abate, and they demanded that the content of the conversation on that day be disclosed. The communication, which was released along with the video footage, was mixed with some confusion as the wrong decision had been made.

The Liverpool forward, who was party to the misjudgement, insisted that he was a member of the refereeing team that judged the game, and said that instead of criticizing, both the players and the referees must calm down and move on to the next game.

“The goal issue was a bit complicated,”

“At the time, it hit me very hard, but not only to me but to all my teammates. In the middle of the game, we talked about it a lot, it was a positive result that was going to help us.”

“These are things that happen; the referees are human. You have to take it easy, and for the next one, it will be.”

El Heraldo

Liverpool continues to limp along with the defeat against Tottenham and the draw against Brighton. Nevertheless, they have continued to fight with a lot of feeling and have accumulated solid points, although it has been difficult for them to concede the first goal in many games.

The Colombian winger was a bit lackluster against Brighton, but he should be able to show his sharp dribbling and scoring ability in the next match against Everton after the international match week.