Difficult time for me at Liverpool…Naby Keita reveals how he felt at the time during his injury-riddled days

Difficult time for me at Liverpool...Naby Keita reveals how he felt at the time during his injury-riddled days Transfers

After stepping up from RB Salzburg to RB Leipzig, Guinean midfielder Naby Keita moved to Liverpool for his performance in the Bundesliga. He was given the number “8” and was welcomed with great expectations.

However, he was injured after injury at Anfield, and the time when he could keep good condition was shorter.

As a result, he was with the team for five years, but showed few remarkable performances, and left the team in the summer of 2023 when his contract expired.

For his new home, he returned to his familiar home in Germany and chose Werder Bremen as his club of choice.However, he has struggled with injuries in his new location and has not been able to play many games.

The Guinean midfielder touched on his days at Liverpool and his failed start at Bremen, and revealed that his family supported him.

“I admit, it was a difficult time for me [at Liverpool]. I wanted to get started straight away and then this injury happened.”

“I am very grateful that my family and especially my wife supported me a lot. My newborn daughter was also a big help. She is now six months old and a great asset in my life.

“It was clear to me that I was leaving Liverpool, and I could prepare myself to do something new.”

Unlike Liverpool, whose minimum goal was to challenge for titles such as the Premier League championship and the Champions League, Bremen, which currently sits in 14th place in the Bundesliga, has completely different goals.

The former Liverpool midfielder admits that his goals for his current club are different, but does not rule out the possibility of Bremen also competing for the top spots and the Europa League in the future.

“Yes, we have different goals here than at the clubs for which I played before. The Champions League is not something we have on our minds with Werder at the moment,”

“But I always say, why not. It may be that the day will come at some point when we will be involved higher up.”