The day Dominik Szoboszlai’s transfer to Liverpool was finalized…Former RB Leipzig manager received a message

The day Dominik Szoboszlai's transfer to Liverpool was finalized...Former RB Leipzig manager received a message Transfers

After steadily developing in his native Hungary, Austria, and Germany, 22-year-old midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai has become one of the most promising prospects in the world.

This summer, he made the step up to Liverpool, who were looking to revamp their midfield corps, thanks to his Bundesliga experience.

The treasure, who was given the captaincy of the Hungarian national team at a very young age, has adapted to the intensity of the Premier League as well as his abundant athleticism and solid technique, and has already been a regular in the team and has been impressing in every game.

Jesse Marsch, who worked with him as a player and a conductor at RB Salzburg and Red Bull Leipzig, revealed that he received a message from the Hungarian midfielder’s agent on the day he was offered a position at Anfield.

“I got a note from his agent the day he signed for Liverpool and he said, ‘This was our vision from day one and you helped Dominik get there,’”

“Szobo always had this belief in himself and this vision that he would be playing for the biggest clubs in the world and be the best player in those teams.”

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The American coach, who also coached Manchester City striker Erling Haaland when he was at RB Salzburg, said that both players’ vision was unmatched, and he believed they would be stars.

“This is all part of the manifestation of his confidence and his belief in himself. Some people may look at it as arrogance but Erling [Haaland] is the same,”

“It’s interesting because Erling and Szobo had a really good relationship in Salzburg and, I think, learned a lot from each other.”

“But I could see from both of them that they were going to be among the best players in the world because of their enthusiasm, their talent, their belief, their commitment, their work ethic, their desire to improve.”

“The vision they had for themselves was different to most players. I don’t think that will ever be an issue for Szobo.”

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