Didn’t have the patience…Suso regrets his past transfer from Liverpool to AC Milan

Didn't have the patience...Suso regrets his past transfer from Liverpool to AC Milan Transfers

Suso, a midfielder from Cadiz, joined the club the year Fenway Sports Group (FSG) bought Liverpool, and despite his young age, he was a promising prospect at Anfield, having been recognized for his potential as a teenager.

He was promoted to the first team in 2012, and after a loan spell in Almeria on the way, he made a total of 21 appearances. He has a great ability to create games from the right wing or from midfield, and he can also create chances with his left-footed passes and crosses.

While he was highly regarded by then team manager Brendan Rodgers, he made a big decision in the winter of 2015. The 29-year-old midfielder reflected on the move and said that he would have chosen to stay at Liverpool.

“I went the year the Americans bought the club and started making lots of signings,”

“Brendan said: ‘Stay here, I’m going to keep counting on you.’ But when you’re young maybe you don’t think things through fully, don’t have the patience.”

“I wanted to go to a ‘normal’ team where I could play every game and come back more mature, ready. Maybe if I was in that situation again now I wouldn’t do the same.”

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As a result, the move to Italy paid off, and he left with impressive numbers, totaling 24 goals and 36 assists in 153 games. He continued to lead the attack for AC Milan, which was in the midst of a chaotic period, and his success at the club led to a steady career that included five appearances for the Spanish national team.

His decision to move to AC Milan was based on a strong push from AC Milan, who were looking to rejuvenate their team.

The young midfielder, who had hoped for a regular position, was attracted to the club, and he recalled that he would not have made the move if it had not been for the Italian powerhouse.

“When I returned I had one year left on my contract. I wanted to renew and Liverpool wanted me to but [Adriano] Galliani called me because Milan were rejuvenating their squad,”

“It was an offer I liked, a new challenge, wanting to feel important. I had been at Liverpool four years and was happy but Milan was also a big club.”

“If it had been another club I might not have left. I would have stayed at Liverpool.”

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In 2020, he returned to his native Spain and joined Sevilla. He has scored 10 goals and 14 assists in 133 games in La Liga.

He has started many games so far this season and is expected to continue to do so in the future.