Reading the situation is the key…Alisson Becker speaks on the art of saving in one-on-one situations

Reading the situation is the key...Alisson Becker speaks on the art of saving in one-on-one situations Team

During his time playing for Roma, Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker developed into one of the best goalkeepers in Europe, including a top four finish in the Champions League. Liverpool, who had issues with their defender, acquired the player in 2018.

Since joining the club, she has continued to show her consistent performance with solid saves, high skill with her feet, and well-timed jumps, and has reigned as an unassailable regular. He has also made a series of good saves this season.

The former Internazionale goalkeeper is one of the top-ranked goalkeepers in the world, and is often forced to deal with Liverpool’s high line of defense in one-on-one situations. When asked about his play in such situations, he spoke of the importance of reading the situation.

“Every situation is different and I don’t do the same things all the time.”

“I think this makes things difficult for the striker because if they know how I react in every situation they can just do something different. I try not to do predictable things and every situation and save is unique.”

“Of course I have my style and my technique and I stick to that, but I also try to read situations and what the striker is going to do and use what I train for to make saves.”

“Training and reading situations are the key. In one-v-ones you have strikers who have more technique to chip the ball and others like to dribble [around] you, so you have to train and be ready for all these situations.”

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