Foot skills are an “extra thing”… Alisson Becker discusses the changing image of goalkeeping

Foot skills are an "extra thing"... Alisson Becker discusses the changing image of goalkeeping Uncategorized

After working for Internacional and Roma, Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker joined Liverpool in 2018. As an absolute guardian, he saves the team with numerous divine saves, but also often becomes the starting point of attacks with her skillful footwork.

He has excellent timing in jumping out of the box to take care of all the backs of the final line, not only in the penalty area, but also in the high defensive positions, and he does not allow any backdooring.

His continuous quality performances have established him as one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Since the emergence of Manuel Neuer, the required abilities of goalkeepers have changed over the years, and now require a technique on par with field players.

The former Roma goalkeeper noted that the image of goalkeepers has changed in recent years, noting that the central role has not changed.

“Still saving goals. Of course, I think you see goalkeepers playing more with their feet from the back and you see teams playing more with their feet from the back, not only kicking long balls.”

“That affects our position a little bit, but I don’t think it changed too much. We just improved things because of the necessity of what football is asking for. Football today is asking for a team who builds up.”

“The goalkeeper needs to play, to be good with his feet, but the main part is making saves and doing what a goalkeeper does – leading the team, claiming crosses. So I think playing with your feet is more an extra thing than the main thing for a goalkeeper.”

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