A chance to show what kind of player he is… Liverpool alumni expect Kostas Tsimikas to do well

A chance to show what kind of player he is... Liverpool alumni expect Kostas Tsimikas to do well Team

Scottish defender Andy Robertson was injured in a national team match and underwent surgery after a thorough examination. Replacing him, who will be out for some time, is Greek defender Kostas Tsimikas, who is expected to start at left back.

The 27-year-old defender joined the club in 2020, and although he struggled with injuries in his first season, he became a valuable asset as a reserve in his second season. In addition to his fighting spirit, he creates chances with his accurate crosses.

Former Finnish defender Sami Hyypia, who was also the leader of the final line at Anfield during his playing days, said that the Greek defender is expected to make great strides in the future, and that the opportunity will come along with the responsibility.

“I think he [Tsimikas] will get a lot of responsibility now and he has his chance to show what kind of player he is,”

“Hopefully he is courageous and takes his chance. If that is not going to work then Jurgen needs to think of something else to solve the problem but I have confidence in Tsimikas that he can do the job.”

He has played 66 games for Liverpool and has 12 assists. He is also an experienced player, having started 31 games for the national team.

He started the previous game against Everton, but was sacrificed to provide more of a front line as he was unable to mount an effective attack against his local rivals, who were defensively solid from start to finish.

The return of the Scottish defender is still a long way off, and the former Olympiacos defender is a must.

The Europa League has also developed some nifty youngsters, with young defender Luke Chambers starting, and a healthy battle for position is brewing.