Regrets about De Bryne and Salah’s current success… John Terry recalls his time as captain

Regrets about De Bryne and Salah's current success... John Terry recalls his time as captain Uncategorized

Backed by ample financial resources, Chelsea had a policy of bringing in numerous young players from all over the world and developing them by repeatedly transferring them on loan.

The first-team players were also acquired from the world’s top class clubs, which limited the number of players who could be promoted and given many opportunities to play for the first-team teams.

Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne, now absolutely indispensable players at Liverpool and Manchester City, respectively, were among those who did not get a chance at Chelsea at the time.

Both have found great success in their second attempts in the Premier League after returning to shine in Italy and Germany, respectively.

Former England defender John Terry, who captained Chelsea, said that he regretted not being able to help both players when he was in London after witnessing their current successes.

“It’s my one disappointment as captain because I think I adapted over time, when those guys were there I was probably very strong, and very disciplined on the group,”

“That was probably the first sign where they needed an arm round the shoulder, a sit down, could I have maybe help them settle in? For those two players (De Bruyne & Salah) especially, to the levels they’ve gone to, I’m disappointed in myself as captain, that’s a regret I have but I’m delighted they’ve gone on to be what they’ve been.”

“I wouldn’t have said they would reach the levels they have though (when they were at Chelsea) no chance.”

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