It’s a position I really like…Alexis Mac Allister likes playing at the bottom of the midfield

It's a position I really like…Alexis Mac Allister likes playing at the bottom of the midfield Team

Liverpool implemented a restructuring of its midfielders, but struggled to find a replacement for the defensive midfielders who left Fabinho and Jordan Henderson. The club’s targets, Moises Caicedo and Romeo Lavia, chose to move to Chelsea.

They later acquired Japanese midfielder Wataru Endo, but he is still getting used to the intensity and speed of the Premier League, and it is difficult to say that he has earned 100% trust from coach Jurgen Klopp. 

In this situation, the Argentine midfielder Alexis Mac Allister is a regular at the bottom of the midfield.

It is a new challenge for the player, as he was responsible for reaping the rewards of Caicedo’s possible move to Liverpool at Brighton, but he has adapted with great smarts. Although he sometimes loses in physical competitions, he is fulfilling his role as No. 6.

The former Brighton midfielder looks back on his experience of playing in various positions in midfield over the past few seasons, but says that this is a new challenge for him and that he is doing his best to help the team win, with a lot of support.

“I have been changing positions a couple of times in the last two years,”

“I think it is so important for the players to understand the game and that’s what I try to improve every day. Then you can play eight, six or 10, wherever.”

“Six is a new position for me but it’s a position I really like. I feel I can do it and I can help the team from there. It would be easy for me to say it’s not my position, but it’s not like that. Jurgen is playing me there, he’s given me his support and I try to do the best I can.”

“I like it and the most important thing is you have to understand which position you are playing. Of course, I’ve got to defend a little bit more, but that’s not a problem for me because I’m a team player and I feel in the last couple of years I have improved defensively.”

“The only thing I want is my team to win so I do my best to help the team and I feel it is a job I can do very well. I feel good and I feel my team-mates and the coaching staff are supporting me, which is important.”

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