Appreciating the challenge…Joe Gomez explains how he has changed since his younger days

Appreciating the challenge...Joe Gomez explains how he has changed since his younger days Team

London-born defender Joe Gomez, who joined Liverpool from Charlton in 2015, has also been used as a left back during the Brendan Rodgers era and has primarily played right back and center back since Jurgen Klopp took over.

In recent seasons he has come in handy as a center back, but he has been unable to compete with Ibrahima Konate and Joel Matip, and with the emergence of 20-year-old defender Jarell Quansah, as well as the lack of reserve Trent Alexander-Arnold, he has begun to play more at side back.

This season, he has been assigned not only to right back, but also to left back in a few games. When asked about being used in all positions in the final line, he revealed that he is no longer as resistant to being used at anything other than center back as he was when he was younger.

“I mean I’m probably getting to an age now where I’m not resisting as much,”

“I think trying to embrace whatever position I play is probably more important for me. If I was to write on paper where I play, I would probably still write centre-back. But with time, you grow in appreciation for the game and just learning it.”

“Trying to be dynamic and enjoy that position is something I enjoy as well. It brings different challenges and I enjoy that test. I think when I was younger I probably did resist it more and have a different outlook towards it when I played there. As I’ve got older it’s embracing it and appreciating the challenge.”

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He is still only 26 years old and has the ability to become a leader of the last line depending on his future development.

His injuries are becoming less frequent, and the experience he has gained in various positions gives him a perspective that other players cannot get.

As a team, a player who can defend as far as defense is valuable, and despite rumors of his departure every time the transfer market opens, Liverpool’s trust in him is reflected in the fact that he will not be released easily.

Last summer, he signed a contract renewal until 2027, and there are high expectations for his future.