Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool are fighting for “Brazil’s rising star” Gabriel Moscardo

Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool are fighting for "Brazil's rising star" Gabriel Moscardo Transfers

Liverpool, which has implemented a restructuring of its midfielders, has regained the intensity in midfield that was the cause of last season’s poor performance.

However, in a team that has seen many of its mainstays, such as Jordan Henderson, leave, the team is still working to strengthen its strength in order to compete at a high level for the rest of the season.

The team is interested in defensive midfielders from Europe and South America, including Fluminense midfielder Andre, and the name of England midfielder Kalvin Phillips, who has not seen extended playing time at Manchester City, is frequently mentioned in the media.

According to The Standard, Liverpool are also interested in 19-year-old Brazilian midfielder Gabriel Moscardo, with a transfer fee expected to be around £26 million.

Other clubs competing for the player include Chelsea, Arsenal, and Barcelona, with Chelsea also making an offer of £18 million this summer.

The up-and-coming young midfielder has been a regular in Corinthians’ first team since mid-season and has made 16 appearances. He has also been selected for the Brazil U-23 national team and is one of the future candidates for the Brazilian national team.

It is hard to imagine Liverpool making a move for the young midfielder at this point in time, as the competition for the young midfielder is fierce. 

Furthermore, it is not the same as the strategy to reinforce a defensive midfielder who has only six months of experience in the domestic league and is ready to step in and make an immediate impact.

Will Liverpool defy expectations and bring a promising Brazilian to the team?