Goncalo Inacio is more likely to move to Liverpool than Manchester United

Goncalo Inacio is more likely to move to Liverpool than Manchester United Transfers

Interest in England defender Levi Colwill, who renewed his contract with Chelsea, and Dutch defender Mickey van de Ven, who moved to Tottenham Hotspur, were reported, but Liverpool prioritized the restructuring of their midfield and were unable to secure a left-handed center back.

Nevertheless, interest in center backs continues, and names of defenders from Europe and South America, not just left-handers, are being discussed. One such player is Sporting’s Portuguese defender Goncalo Inácio, whose games are frequented by scouts.

While Manchester United is also said to be interested in the player, Graeme Bailey, an English journalist, said that Liverpool wants the left-sided center back and United is inclined toward Antonio Silva, another Portuguese defender.

“Liverpool and Man United both looking at Goncalo Inacio and Antonio Silva,”

“My information is United are looking more to Silva than Inacio, because they don’t really want two left-siders.”

“Liverpool do indeed want a left-sided defender so it makes sense. Both outstanding players.”

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Both are promising young center backs with the ability to be the mainstay of a team for the next 10 years, and many other strong clubs are keeping a close eye on them. Both players will be the targets of every transfer window next summer, and both are likely to be hot commodities.

What will be the career paths of these two Portuguese center backs?