Liverpool were lucky…Jamie Carragher refers to Man City’s second goal that was cancelled out

Liverpool were lucky...Jamie Carragher refers to Man City's second goal that was cancelled out Match

Manchester City and Liverpool, two sides that have been in a topsy-turvy matchup of a different dimension in the Premier League in recent years, played to a draw and shared the points. The game was dominated by the home team, City, but Liverpool took advantage of one chance.

The match was tense from start to finish, with the home side looking to add to their lead in the 68th minute, but Manuel Akanji interfered with Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker with his hand and was ruled out for a foul. The extra point was cancelled out.

The phantom goal was mentioned by former England defender Jamie Carragher, who played exclusively for Liverpool during his playing days. He recalled the game against his old club, saying that it was a normal contest and that it would not have been odd if a foul had not been called.

“For me, Liverpool and Alisson are extremely lucky,”

There’s no way that if the referee gives that as a goal, VAR are giving that as a foul, no way in the world. A goalkeeper of his quality, it’s hardly anything touching him.”

“It’s like a centre-back and a centre-forward jumping up and contesting a header, that’s all it is. It’s there for balance. What it reminds me of a little bit is the Newcastle-Arsenal situation where you can argue 50/50 whether it was a foul on Gabriel, but the fact the referee didn’t give it, that was never going to be overturned. From a Liverpool point of view, I’m thinking I want my goalkeeper to be dealing with that.”

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