I couldn’t keep my eyes open…Ahead of the big game, Alexis Mac Allister reveals that he was tired

I couldn't keep my eyes open...Ahead of the big game, Alexis Mac Allister reveals that he was tired Match

After parting ways with Brighton at the end of last season, Argentine midfielder Alexis Mac Allister chose Liverpool as his new club.

When the Premier League season started, he showed his ability at the bottom of midfield, which is not his natural position, and his accuracy in the same position is increasing with each game.

Although the 24-year-old midfielder struggles to get used to the new position, he is also a mainstay in the Argentine national team and, like all national team players, is overloaded with work.

Last week, he started two games in World Cup qualifying. With the travel involved, he is feeling increasingly fatigued.

The number of tournaments and games is increasing every year, and the burden on the players is growing. In recent years, some players have complained that it may lead to a shortened career.

The former Brighton midfielder, who spends such busy days, confessed that he could not keep his eyelids closed during a meeting held before the big game against Manchester City.

“Honestly, it is so hard to play like this,”

“Yesterday (Friday) we were in a meeting talking about Man City and the way we wanted to play, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

“It’s very tough. Jet lag, long trip, but it is what it is. We like playing football, it’s what we want, to win, and that’s why we did our best (at City).”

It was a very tough game for us. It’s what we expected, they are a very good team, but I think it was a fair result. They had most of the possession but they didn’t have many, many chances.”

“I think our fight was very good. In the first half, maybe we didn’t defend as well as we can, but the second half was much better, we won more challenges and it was important to have the ball and score one.”

“We always say we have to go step by step, game by game, and then at the end we will see what the season brings.”