Florian Wirtz’s first priority is to join Bayern…Liverpool is interested, but he plans to stay in Germany

Florian Wirtz's first priority is to join Bayern...Liverpool is interested, but he plans to stay in Germany Transfers

Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Florian Wirtz, who has shown his talent in Germany since he was a teenager, suffered a cruciate ligament tear two seasons ago.

Last season, his recovery was delayed until the second half of the season, but this season he is fully recovered. He has six goals and 10 assists in 18 games so far.

Mega clubs all over Europe have their eyes on the young German attacking midfielder. 

Liverpool is believed to be one of them, and it is reported that they are watching the next generation of superstar candidates develop.

However, Sky Sport Germany’s Florian Plettenberg dismissed the possibility, saying that the 20-year-old midfielder is not interested in a move abroad, preferring a move to Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga’s absolute top club.

“News Wirtz: Currently, he tends to lean towards a transfer to FC Bayern from Leverkusen, provided Bayern is willing. Going directly abroad from Leverkusen is not his first choice at the moment. “

“The 20 y/o is on top of Bayern‘s list for 2024 or 2025.”

“Bayern wants to try to sign him if there’s a chance but it also depends on Müller/Musiala. “

“Asking price from Leverkusen: Around €120-130m. “