Why the former West Ham defender would rather play Gabriel Jesus than Darwin Nunez

Why the former West Ham defender would rather play Gabriel Jesus than Darwin Nunez Uncategorized

Uruguayan international Darwin Nunez joined Liverpool from Benfica before the start of last season. In his first year at Anfield, he has been criticized for his scoring ability, as he often missed the decisive shots, but in his second year, he has become more composed in front of goal.

In addition, his play as a center forward has been polished, and there is a sense that he is poised for a great leap forward. The 24-year-old striker has also shown his decisiveness in national team games, but former England U-21 defender Anton Ferdinand, who played for West Ham during his playing days, compared him to Arsenal forward Gabriel Jesus and said that Nunez is the one he would rather not play against.

“I’d rather play against Jesus, do you want to know why? Nunez takes you back towards your own goal, Jesus doesn’t, he doesn’t run. That’s fine, he’s a top player, I really like him, but for a defender you’d rather play against someone you can’t get the ball off of at the halfway line but on the edge of the box you can leave them.”

“If someone is running at you, that’s the run they don’t want to make back towards your own goal, he stretches you, and he puts you under immense pressure, that’s why,”


His speed to get behind the final line has been proven since last season. He has also improved his battles with opposing center backs, thanks in part to the teachings of coaches Jurgen Klopp and Marcelo Bielsa. His overall ability as a forward continues to improve.

When he loses the ball due to his own mistakes, he returns at full speed and makes a play to win the ball. Mohamed Salah, the team’s ace, is no slouch on the defensive side of the ball, and the rest of the forwards must do the same.

Despite the differences in their respective roles, will the Uruguayan forwards be able to further awaken…?