His game to another level…A British journalist points out the difference in Trent Alexander-Arnold’s preparedness

His game to another level...A British journalist points out the difference in Trent Alexander-Arnold's preparedness Team

Trent Alexander-Arnold, who grew up in the Liverpool academy, won a starting spot at right back after Jurgen Klopp took over as manager. While winning the Premier League and Champions League as a mainstay of the team, his assist numbers, not unlike a defender, showed a new side-back image.

The 25-year-old defender, who has also been working as a false back since last season and has been used more and more in midfield for the England national team, has been appointed vice-captain this season and continues to fight new pressures on and off the pitch.

As a young player, he has often been led by older players, but now that he is in his mid-20s, his role has changed; there are more players around 20 years old, and he is now in a position to lead them in terms of play and spirit.

The British journalists who cover the game from close by have noticed the change in the player, who is now in a position that requires preparation.

“There is no doubt that Trent Alexander-Arnold took last season’s disappointment harder than most, and I think that has shown in his performances so far this term, as he’s taken his game to another level – no mean feat considering the level he was at already,”

“It may sound insignificant, but think back to the first day of pre-season, when he arrived at the AXA Training Centre with a new, shorter haircut. “Business only,” he said that day, suggesting a new focus, a new mindset ahead of the new campaign.”

“A week or so later, Alexander-Arnold was promoted to vice-captain following the departures of Jordan Henderson and James Milner, and it has been clear since that day that he is embracing the idea of being one of the club’s leaders, both on-field and off it.”

Caught Offside

In the past, he has often provided team-saving assists, but this season he is beginning to be able to score his own goals to help his team win, as he did against Fulham, and his opportunities should increase in the future.

What kind of evolution will the English defender, who has been growing mentally at a rapid pace, go on to achieve in this new phase of his career?