Antonee Robinson is a a proper young player…Peterborough United chairman recommends Liverpool to sign him

Antonee Robinson is a a proper young player...Peterborough United chairman recommends Liverpool to sign him Transfers

Last weekend’s game against Fulham was an epic battle of points, and Liverpool came away with the win at Anfield. Although not in the best of conditions due to the overcrowded schedule combined with international matches, the game ended dramatically with a “brilliant” shot that gave the opposing goalkeeper no chance.

Playing at left back for the Fulham side in this match, U.S. defender Antonee Robinson dealt well, if not completely, with Egypt’s Mohamed Salah. In attack, he also made his presence felt in the team, often lifting up from interceptions.

Their opponents, Liverpool, are looking for their next generation of left backs, with Andy Robertson on the verge of turning 30 and Kostas Tsimikas in his late 20s. While not a top priority, Darragh MacAnthony, chairman at Peterborough United, insisted that the U.S. defender is the right player for the job.

“I wouldn’t mind him as Liverpool do need a left-back in the next couple of windows. His pace, the way he handled Salah today, he’s a proper young player that Antonee Robinson.”

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At this point, securing a center back is seen as the hottest topic of discussion, and there is no immediate move to acquire a left back. And at 26 years of age, it is unlikely that the Everton academy product will be moving to Anfield, as he is not exactly a youngster.

Will Liverpool welcome a new left back to the team anytime soon?